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Fishing Report – March 2019

What a start to the 2019 saltwater barramundi season this has been! Over the past month there have been plenty of barramundi caught throughout the Gladstone region. The rivers and creeks are producing good numbers but the standout has definitely been the harbour. Barramundi can be found in most areas throughout the harbour, including rock…
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Mangrove Jack Report

Mangrove Jack Report: Mangrove Jack are one of the most aggressive predatory species in the estuaries and with Barramundi off the cards in the salt, we have plenty of people making enquiries about how to catch these angry red fish. In this article, we will be touching on tips and techniques along with the location…
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Lake Awoonga Barramundi Report

Awoonga Barramundi Report November 2018: It’s no secret that Lake Awoonga fishing is on fire with people traveling from all over Australia for the opportunity to tussle with the iconic Barramundi in one of Queensland’s premier dam fisheries. Awoonga is stocked with hundreds of thousands of Barramundi annually and that is really starting to show over the past…
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Fishing Report- April 2018

Fishing Report April 2018 The estuaries are continuing to fish well with plenty of great reports coming through. Large numbers of Grunter are being caught along with Mangrove Jack and Barramundi. Hot spots include South Trees, Calliope River and Boyne River and with these tides building to a full moon the fishing should only get…
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