Fishing Report

Fishing Report - July 2017

Wolf herring Pats TackleWorld Gladstone Spanish Mackeral

Spanish Mackerel caught on Wolf Herring purchased in store on the weekend.

How good have these offshore weather opportunities been just about everyone in the area has been in showing off their catches and let me tell you there has been some beauties. Spanish mackerel have been on every one's target list with some huge models being captured not too far from north entrance. The stand out bait for targeting Spanish has been wolf herring trolled with chin guards and ganged hooks around bait schools and current lines. Don't forget if you haven't got any wolf herring we have plenty of fresh ones in stock and all the gear you need for giving yourself the best chance of boating a big one. Another popular trend accounting for many great captures has been slow pitch jigging when using this style of jigs you never know what will hit the deck next wether it be a coral trout, red throat emperor or even a Cobia that's just to mention a few.The creek systems are producing some spectacularalong with blue salmon up to one metre in length stand out spots being the Narrows, South trees and Calliope river.So load up the boat get out there and enjoy this fantastic weather you might even catch a big one.
Cheers Tackleworld Gladstone

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