Lake Awoonga Barramundi Report

Awoonga Barramundi Report November 2018:

It’s no secret that Lake Awoonga fishing is on fire with people traveling from all over Australia for the opportunity to tussle with the iconic Barramundi in one of Queensland’s premier dam fisheries. Awoonga is stocked with hundreds of thousands of Barramundi annually and that is really starting to show over the past 12 months, even more so coming into the warmer weather.

At this point in time, the main basin seems to be holding the best numbers of fish with people consistently landing them in the 800 – 900mm range and we have even heard of a few that have ticked over that magic metre mark. These fish seem to be holding in standing timber in depths anywhere from 8 metres right up into the shallows. Best times to target these areas are early morning and late afternoon, even through into the night and if you can time that around a full moon you are in for a cracker session. Deep diving hard bodies such as the Lucky Craft Pointer 100xd, the Duo Realis 100dr and the Bassday sugar deep 90mm Barra tune suspending lures are all proving there worth in the timber, as well as large paddle tail soft plastics continuing to be the undoing of some large fish. Soft plastics doing the damage are the Samaki bomb shad, Keitech swing impact, Berkley hollow belly and the Westin shad teez rigged weedless with the Owner flashy swimmer and Beast hooks.

Shallow bays and weed beds are also holding great numbers of fish in the smaller size class between 650 and 750mm, which can be great fun for sight fishing and will test your gear to its limits. In the low light parts of the day, Barramundi can be targeted on the surface. This being a very exciting way of targeting them, watching bow wakes behind your lure. In some cases even seeing shoulders of fish chasing down your lure retrieved along the surface waiting in anticipation for that explosion to follow. There are so many options for surface lures. It appears at the moment the most popular being unweighted soft plastic frogs, mainly because of the weedless rigging system. It allows you to cast them where no other lure can go. In the more open bays there an opportunity to throw walk the dog style lures, also poppers and even fizzers all creating their own unique action attracting feeding Barramundi on any given day. While chasing them on the surface is fun, don’t get stuck in the trap of only throwing topwater lures as on some days the effectiveness may not be the same. Shallow diving hard bodies and lightly weighted soft plastics are also exceptional ways to capture Barramundi that are holding in the shallow bays.

The options are endless when fishing Awoonga, so make the most of this fishery that is right on our doorstep. The staff here at Pat’s Tackleworld Gladstone have their finger on the pulse as to what’s going on out at the lake, so don’t hesitate to drop in or even give us a call. We are more than happy to help get you onto that fish of a lifetime! We have a huge range tailored to Barramundi fishing, keeping up with new trends and still stocking the old faithfuls. So come down and have a chat with the guys!

Cheers, from the Crew at Pats Tackleworld.

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