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Gladstone, Calliope, Boyne Island and all the surrounds are great places to go fishing...the locals know it and so do the fishing tourists on charters and visiting Lake Awoonga or coming to the Boyne Tannum Hook-Up. They come for the barramundi, the mangrove jacks, the reds, the GTs, the flathead, the estuaries, rivers, reefs, islands, the lake and the sheer variety on offer. Not surprisingly there's a lot of very passionate, experienced and skilled fishermen in the region. This also means lots of small water craft.

Jackie and Pat O'Reilly began providing for those local fishing, tackle and small boat needs in 1974 and that continues today with Kym and Greg O'Reilly. While things keep changing, the region's love of fishing continues and TackleWorld Gladstone is still employing local fishing enthusiasts, spending time with local fishermen and boat owners, sharing their stories and experience and providing whatever we can to make their fishing a success.

Everyday, fishermen come to TackleWorld Gladstone to check out products, purchase great gear at what they know is a competitive price and find out more about what's happening. Just as importantly they come and bump into other fishermen, talk fishing and be part of our vibrant fishing community. It's a bit of a local fishing hub. At TackleWorld Gladstone you can visit and be with people who get your passion and enthusiasm for all things fishing. And that makes us pretty easy to deal with as well.

Supporting that fishing and boating community has been part of TackleWorld Gladstone's heritage. Every year TackleWorld Gladstone has been a sponsor of the Boyne Tannum Hookup and that continues today as a new generation of volunteers make their mark on a great competition. TackleWorld Gladstone is also a long term supporter of Gladstone's fishing clubs and Volunteer Marine Rescue.

The whole TackleWorld Gladstone team is very proud to be associated with Gladstone and the surrounding fishing and boating community.

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