Mud Crabs for Christmas

Mud Crabs for Christmas!!!

What better time to get yourself ready to catch a few Mud Crabs over the Christmas break than now. We have had plenty of people coming in store and bragging about some great captures, of anywhere up to 10 crabs in a trip with majority of them being good quality Crab. So we thought we would give you some insight on how to go about getting yourself a feed for Christmas.

Areas that are producing the Crab at the moment include Toolooa Bends, Calliope River, The Narrows along with the Boyne River and the Gladstone Harbour. If we get some rain that should only get them moving more, as at the moment they are sitting right up in the mangroves.

With this being the case your best option for now would be to Crab the building tides(full moon or new moon), pushing your pots right up in the little gutters amongst the mangrove jungle. If you only get a chance to Crab the smaller tides that’s ok too. You’re best off crabbing the middle of the main creek systems where there are deeper holes, and sometimes even rock and gravel bars where the crab may be sitting more permanently this can be where you find the quality Crab.

A common question we get asked is what’s the best bait to use knowing that you can catch them on a variety of baits, we recommend Mullet heads, whole Mullet and reef fish frames, which are all available here in store. Some people will even enhance their bait by soaking it over night in Tuna oil to give off more scent, drawing the Crab toward the pot. If you are going to run your pots over night, you’re best off using a bait bag rather than a bait clip, as the Crab can quite easily chew the bait off the clip and move it around the pot, giving other crab the opportunity to reach the bait from the outside of the pot. However, if you’re just going for the day the clips will be fine as they are quick and easy to use.

Crabbing is great for the whole family to get involved, keeping in mind you’re only able to run four pots per person. There are many different pots on the market these days. Whether it be rectangle, 900mm round or the heavy duty pro pot, they will all catch Crab and if you’re in the market for some new pots we have some GREAT DEALS over the Christmas period. Hopefully this information is able to help you in getting some Crab for Christmas and remember always be respectful of other peoples gear and there is plenty to go round.

Oh, and if you get too many you know where we will be “wink wink”.

But in all seriousness, get out there and enjoy the break with your family and grab a feed while you’re out there and we will be here every day except Christmas day.

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