Offshore report March 2019

Offshore report March 2019

This is the patch of weather we have all been waiting for and let us tell you the fish are FIRED UP!!! Throughout the week we have had heaps of people in store (pretty much the whole of Gladstone) showing off their catches.

Lets start with inshore around Facing Island, there are some numbers of pelagic’s including Tuna, Queen fish and Mackerel being caught around North entrance along with Gatcombe. There are also some reports of some beautiful Coral trout, Black spot tusk fish and Grassy sweetlip coming from down around Seal rocks and Jenny Lind banks.
Now to the wrecks there are plenty out there to choose from and they are best fished on the neap tides as most of them are in quite deep water, ranging from about 25-40m. During the week we have seen some beautiful Cobia, Nannygai, Grunter and Black Jew being caught. Not to mention the abundance of Trevally species which can make for great fun on jigs and plastics.
Rock Cod is producing plenty of quality Red throat and Grassy’s, though earlier in the week we saw some beautiful Tuskies and even good numbers of school sized Spanish Mackerel and my hot tip don’t forget your squid jig as there always seems to be big Squid around especially at night.
Masthead has been up there with the best for Coral Trout with numerous reports of people bagging out, which is great news along with some really solid Red throat and most of your typical reef species.
With the spread out forecast and basically all week of good weather a fair few bigger boats headed north to the wider shoals including Douglas, Haberfield, Innamincka and Guthrie and they were definitely not disappointed. The main reports we a receiving is that everything is big and red with plenty of Red Emperor coming over the side.
A bit further south down around Sykes reef, Fitzroy and Lamont they have been doing exceptional with the Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Red Throat and Tuskie’s, as well as some beautiful big GT’s.
So there you have it, that’s the offshore report! For any more info head in store otherwise we will see you on the water.

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