Reel Repairs Shimano



We would like to take the opportunity to go through the process of how the reel servicing happens here at Tackleworld Gladstone.
Once you have brought your reel in store it will be sent away to the supplier’s service centre.
Below is a list of brands that are regularly sent away for service:
• Shimano
• Daiwa
• Penn
• 13 Fishing
• Fin-Nor
• Shakespeare
• Plunger
• Okuma
• Quantum
1. To get your reel back to full working order the reel will be assessed by trained reel service technicians that have set pricing for service plus parts if required.
2. A quote can be requested if need be to ensure that you aren't better off buying a new reel.
3. The technicians will also phone through a quote to us once they have opened the reel if they find more problems inside.
4. You will then be phoned by us with the total price of the repair and it will be at your discretion whether you would like to go ahead with the service.
Your reel will then be sent back to us here at Pats Tackleworld where you will be phoned on its arrival.
*Please note once your reel has left the shop its then up to the company in which the reel is sent to regarding turnaround times.
If it has been more than couple of weeks you can get in contact with us and we will check up on your reel.

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